STORYFOX: a Database of Vulpine Science Fiction and Fantasy

Below, you’ll find what will someday, hopefully, be a comprehensive, but ever-growing list of SF/F media that feature foxes in their narratives. If you’re looking for the introductory post about the project, you can find it here.

To see a list of people who have helped expand Storyfox, visit the collectors page. If you have anything to add to the list, please send it on! You can contact me here, or on twitter.



~”The Fox” (traditional ballad)

~”Räven” (Resistencia, 1994)

The Kennedys
~”Anna and the Magic Gown” (Koch, 2003)

The Old Bitch Fox

P.L. Travers
~”The Fox at the Manger” (BBC Radio 4, 1990)

Reynardine” (traditional ballad)

Sonata Arctica
~”Revontulet” (Spinefarm, 2001)

~”The Fox” (TVNorge, 2013)

Children’s Books

P.L. Travers
~”The Fox at the Manger” (Norton, 1962)

Laurence Yep
~The Ghost Fox (Scholastic, 1994)

Comics/Graphic Novels

Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano
~Sandman: The Dream Hunters (Vertigo, 1999)

Minna Sundberg
~”A Redtail’s Dream” (2011-2013)

Christina Strain and Jayd Aït-Kaci
~The Fox Sister (ongoing)


Volodymyr Kmetyk
~”Mykyta the Fox” (Pershyi Natsionalnyi)

Thomas Funck and Jan Gissberg
~”Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll på svindlande äventyr” (Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High) (Cinemation Industries, 1941)

Räven Boll
~”Made By Räven Boll ” (Räven Boll, 2014)

Shinsuke Sato
~ Oblivion Island (film, Production I.G/Tohei Animation, 2009)

Games and Video Games

Alana Joli Abbott
~”The Choice of Kung Fu” (Choice of Games, 2012)

~”Jade Empire” (Microsoft Game Studios, 2005)

~“Cathy the Red Fox” (2014)

Foxfire” (Magic card; Magic the Gathering, 1997)

Minnie Gray (story source)
~Kisima Inŋitchuŋa (Never Alone) (Upper One Games , 2014)

Nintendo EAD
~”Starfox” (Nintendo, 1993)
~”Ocarina of Time” (Nintendo, 1998)
~”Majora’s Mask” (Nintendo, 2000)



Christopher Barzak
~The Love We Share Without Knowing (Bantam, 2008)

Irma Chilton
~”String of Time” (Macmillan Education Ltd., 1968)

Susan Cooper
~The Grey King (Chatto & Windus and Atheneum, 1975)

Cornelia Funke
~ Fearless (Chicken House , 2013)
~ Reckless (Chicken House, 2010)

Jeannine Hall Gailey
~ She Returns to the Floating Worlds (Kitsune Books, 2011)

David Garnett
~Lady into Fox (Chatto & Windus, 1922)

Kij Johnson
~ Fudoki (Tor, 2003)
~ The Fox Woman (Tor, 2000)

Garry Kilworth
~The Lantern Fox (Mammoth, 1998)
~Hunter’s Moon (The Foxes of Firstdark) (Unwin Hyman, 1989)

Larissa Lai
~When Fox Is a Thousand (Press Gang, 1995)

Dennis L. McKiernan
~Voyage of the Fox Rider (Roc, 1993)

Andre Norton
~The White Jade Fox (Dutton, 1975)

Helen Oyeyemi
~ Mr. Fox (Riverhead, 2011)

Richard Parks
~The Heavenly Fox (PS Publishing, 2011)

Victor Pelevin
~The Sacred Book of the Werewolf (Eksmo, 2005)

Ellen Steiber
~Shadow of the Fox (Random House, 1994)


Mike Allen
~”Hungry Constellations” (Hungry Constellations, 2014)
~”The Fox Smiled, Famished“: (Goblin Fruit #31, 2013)

Asunción Alvarez
~”Mr. Fox” (Ideomancer 5.1, 2006)

Margaret Atwood
~”Fox/Fire Song” (Poetry, 1974)

Lisa M. Bradley
~”The Messenger Ensnared” (Polu Texni, 2012)

C.S.E. Cooney
~”The Grand Finale of Mr. Fox” (Papaveria Press, 2011)

Amal El-Mohtar and Nicole Kornher-Stace
~”The Maiden to the Fox Did Say” (Lone Star Stories #32, 2009)

Lizzy Huitson
~”Rey” (Goblin Fruit, 2014)

J.C. Runolfson
~”Foxhunt” (Lone Star Stories, 2008)

Joshua Gage
~”Kitsune(Goblin Fruit, 2008)

Neil Gaiman
~”The White Road” (Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, William Morrow & Company, 1995)

Theodora Goss
~”The Fox Wife“(, 2013)

Yoon Ha Lee
~”Foxfeast” (Mythic Delirium 0.2, 2013)

Jeannine Hall Gailey
~”The Animal Heart: She Warns Him” (Mythic Delirium #21, 2009)

Samantha Henderson
~”Queen Elizabeth and the Fox” (Goblin Fruit #5, 2007)

Ted Hughes
~”The Thought Fox” (The Hawk in the Rain; Faber and Faber, 1957)

Ruth Jenkins
~”Feral” (Goblin Fruit, 2012)

Sandi Leibowitz
~”Unmasking” (Mythic Delirium 0.4, 2014)

Rose Lemberg
~ “Bone Shadows” (Interfictions, 2013)
~”A body that is bold to come” (Goblin Fruit #27, 2012)

David Lunde
~”Not Thinking of a Fox” (The Louisville Review #63, 2008; Instead)

Alex Dally MacFarlane
~”Sister” (Through the Gate #1, 2012)
~”In the Sun-Sweet Desert” (Goblin Fruit #27, 2012)
~ “The Jar-Mouthed Fennec” (Goblin Fruit #17, 2010)

Mari Ness
~”Petals“(Bull Spec #6, 2011)

Caitlyn Paxson
~”The Tall House of Mr. Fox” (Scheherezade’s Bequest #13, 2011)

Jamieson Ridenhour
~”Foxes” (Strange Horizons, 2011)

J.C. Runolfson
~”Kumiho” ((Going Going) GONE, 2009)

Hannah Sanghee Park
~”The Fox Bead in May” (Poetry, 2013)

Janice D. Soderling
~”The Fox” (The Pedestal Magazine #53, 2009)

Ellen Steiber
~”The Fox Wife” (Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, AvoNova/William Morrow, 1995)

Mary A. Turzillo
~”The Shrine at Fushimi Inari” (Goblin Fruit #17, 2010)

Catherynne M. Valente
~ “The Girl With Two Skins” (Goblin Fruit, 2008)

Short Fiction

Leigh Bardugo
~ “The Too-Clever Fox” (, 2013)

Christopher Barzak
~”A Thousand Tails” (Firebirds Soaring, Viking, 2009)

Angela Boord
~”Maenad” (Lone Star Stories #7, 2005)

Mary Gentle
~”Kitsune” (Odyssey #5, 1998)

Yoon Ha Lee
~ “The Contemporary Foxwife” (Clarkesworld, 2014)
~”The Youngest Fox” (2014)
~”The Red Braid” (2013)
~ “The Fox’s Tower” (2010)
~”The Fox’s Forest“(2010)
~”Nine Tails, Hundred Hearts” (Fantasy Magazine #2, 2006)

Kij Johnson
~ “Fox Magic” (Asimov’s, 1993)

Caitlín R. Kiernan (also on livejournal)
~”pas-en-arrière” (Sirenia Digest #5, April 2006)
~”The Sphinx’s Kiss” (Sirenia Digest #14, January 2007)

Ken Liu
~”Good Hunting(Strange Horizons, 2012)

Alex Dally MacFarlane
~ “Iddad Library Catalogue of Surviving Foxes” (Gigantic Worlds, Gigantic, forthcoming)
~ “Inari Updates the Map of Ricefields” (Phantasm Japan, Haikasoru, September 2014)
~ “Written on the Hides of Foxes” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, September 2014)
~ “Out they Come” (Shimmer, September 2013)
~ “Selected Sources for the Babylonian Plague of the Dead (572-571 BCE)” (Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages, August 2013)
~ “Fox Bones. Many Uses.” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, July 2012)
~ “Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints” (Strange Horizons, July 2012)

Kate MacLeod
~”Tale of a Fox“(A Fly in Amber #17, 2010)

KZ Morano
~”Kitsune” (Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, 2014)

Richard Parks

~”Three Little Foxes” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #105, 2012)
~”The Ghost of Shinoda Forest” (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #63, 2011)
~”Fox Tails” (Realms of Fantasy 11.5, 2005)

Meredith L. Patterson
~”Pale Foxes” (Strange Horizons, 2001)

Loren Rhoads
~”The Fox and the Foreigner” (Not One of Us #38, 2007)

Anne-Sylvie Salzman
~”Fox into Lady” (Darkscapes, 2013)

Alexandra Seidel
~”A Quest for Fire” (Lackington’s #3, 2014)

Ashe Thurman
~”Kitsune no Yomeiri” (Flash Fiction Online, 2014)

Brittany Warman
~”‘Kitsune’, Fox” (Jabberwocky #7, 2011)

Catherynne Valente
~”Ink, Water, Milk” (The Melancholy of Mechagirl; Haikasoru, 2013)


D.H. Lawrence
~”The Fox” (The Dial, 1922) (also a film)


Jonathan Bélisle
~”Wuxia the Fox” (2014)

Kate Davies and Emmanuel Vercruysse
~”The Crepuscular” (article here) (LiquidFactory, 2007)

Sylvia Linsteadt
~The Gray Fox Epistles (2013–)

*Note: If an author has multiple works, I’ve listed them chronologically, with newer pieces coming first.


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  8. Hi. Glad I left this tab open—
    There’s a game and illustrated story called Wuxia the Fox. I haven’t met either one myself, only read a review. Also: there’s a fox spirit quest in Jade Empire (2005), plus a game sequence called Star Fox; ± kitsune appear in Majora’s Mask, one of the Zelda games. There’s a huli jing with a speaking part in Choice of Kung Fu.

    Webcomic: The Fox Sister.

    TV: there must be a ton among Korean and Japanese dramas. Some of the former may be picked out of this wikipedia page: Gu Family Book, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, etc.

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