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SKYGLASS-a serialized novel now free to read from Sparkler Monthly (2014- present)

(From Sparkler Monthly):

Four years after his human mother and elven father died by double suicide, Moss lives a shadow of a life. He’s an anorexic, aromantic drummer who wallows in apathy and inadvertently wooed his boss in a bathtub. But when Phoenix – a fire elemental turned human pop star – lands on earth and decides to move into his apartment, his stale life gets torched. Phoenix is on a manhunt to find and kill her father, and she has no problem dragging everyone around her into the fire.

Written by Jenn Grunigen and featuring the explosive art of Mookie, this collision of post-apocalyptic science fiction and sexy rock gods tells the tale of two mismatched roommates, their volatile take on friendship – and the messy path to self-actualization, with some intergalactic stardom along the way.

Updates monthly!

Read chapter 1 here!

Other chapters: 23 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 (coming soon!)



*”Cinderseed” (Skyglass‘ sexy prologue–not necessary to understand the novel, but utterly worth a read if you like fire, space battles, and erotic…stuff)’
*”The Surprising Intellect of Combat Chickens” (Space pirates, amorous love spiders and combat chickens. What more could you want?)
*Character Designs and Bios.


*“A Probably Not So Concise Guide to the Wonky Jargon of Skyglass
*Skyglass visual headcanon crack (where I shove all pictorial inspiration for characters and stories):
>>Character Tags: Moss Wick | Phoenix | Marko Gunnarson | Ryeli Andrus | Devin Xyphloem | Zinn


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