About J.G.

It is time for a bio that’s more substantial than ‘Hi, here are some things I like to eat.’ Some of those things were not edible (cyberpunk, apocalypses), and some of them were (persimmons, words) and possibly some people were confused.

I am not here to un-confuse you. Probably, I’ll confuse you further.

An attempt:

I like words. Breaking them, making them, and just generally fucking around with them. I write poems. I write books. I write short fiction. I write lyrics. (If for some reason you want inside my head, read what I write. It’s probably the only way to get me…whatever that means.)

I drum. I play for a number of different projects, but mainly Felled (neofolk metal; formerly Moss of Moonlight).

I’m a grad student at the University of Oregon’s Folklore master’s program, studying the intersections of gender/sexuality, folktales, and science fiction and fantasy literature–especially when those nodes are fox-shaped. In conjunction with my future-thesis, I’m building (with the help of wonderful people) a collection of vulpine SF/F multi-media narratives called STORYFOX: a Database of Vulpine Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Foxfoxfoxes. Send some to me.



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