Storyfox update! (Short Fiction and a Novella)

This week will be full of foxes. Thanks especially to Sonya Taaffe (who sent me beautiful, giant, numbers of fox poetry, fiction, and music), Storyfox has grown considerably since its tail first swept the interskies. Thanks also are owed to Gwynne Garfinkle, who recommended a couple pieces, as well. I’ve added a collectors page, where you can see who’s contributed to the database. Want to see your name there? Send me foxes!

Because of the huge inundation of stories, I’ve broken this update into about six separate posts. Today, we have short fiction and novellas. (Well, a novella.)

Check out all of STORYFOX: a Database of Vulpine Science Fiction and Fantasy here!

As always, if you have anything to add, you can contact me here and on twitter.

STORYFOX, short fiction updates:

Christopher Barzak
~”A Thousand Tails” (Firebirds Soaring, Viking, 2009)

Mary Gentle
~”Kitsune” (Odyssey #5, 1998)

Yoon Ha Lee
~”The Youngest Fox” (2014)
~”The Red Braid” (2013)
~ “The Fox’s Tower” (2010)
~”The Fox’s Forest“(2010)
~”Nine Tails, Hundred Hearts” (Fantasy Magazine #2, 2006)

Caitlín R. Kiernan (also on livejournal)
~”pas-en-arrière” (Sirenia Digest #5, April 2006)
~”The Sphinx’s Kiss” (Sirenia Digest #14, January 2007)

Meredith L. Patterson
~”Pale Foxes” (Strange Horizons, 2001)

Loren Rhoads
~”The Fox and the Foreigner” (Not One of Us #38, 2007)

Brittany Warman
~”‘Kitsune’, Fox” (Jabberwocky #7, 2011)

STORYFOX, novella updates:

D.H. Lawrence
~”The Fox” (The Dial, 1922) (also a film)


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