the self-destructing neckbeard

Grit vs. Grim.  Learning to cope with annihilation (a.k.a. book writing).  On realizing that ‘half-breed’ is never a good descriptor for a human being.  Baby animal gifs.  More on all this below:

That Crafty Feeling (Zadie Smith on making a book, and why novel writing is a terrible-wonderful thing.  Self-destruction in action–this is good.  I know.  I write to take myself apart and put me back together again.)

Coverage of Women on SF/F Blogs (2012) (A project about “about the visibility of women in science fiction and fantasy reviews” with a preface that discusses the difficulty of trying to have “a conversation about gender in SF/F fandom involving people outside your social group.” Bascially, “it’s like inviting six angry poltergeists into your home filled with handcrafted family heirlooms passed down for multiple generations: everything gets broken, including your capacity to discuss anything more mentally taxing than adorable gifs of baby animals for weeks.”)

I love a Good Tragedy as Much as the Next Guy (Elizabeth Bear on grittiness verses grimdark.  “…the best of the current wave of gritty fantasy…embraces a balance closer to reality:…the world is arbitrary and unfair, and that sometimes even well-meaning people do awful things: desperate, vicious things.”)

Revising “Weaving Dreams” (In which an author screws up and attempts to rectify the disaster.  First read about this short story over at Requires Hate.  It’s good to see writers who are open and sensitive to the world.  Also, a nice unfurling of the editing process.)



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