my brain, on a platter, for you

Sometimes I have to extricate my head from my ass.  This is how wrapped up in myself I am.  So, because (for the moment) my face is momentarily clean of shiit, a thank you is in order, to my dearest wordslaves:

FIRST.  I want to make sure this note isn’t misconstrued.  This is NOT a not-so-subtle reminder to hurry up and and knife the beast I not-so-kindly hid in your email.  This is really (truly) just a simple and public thank you.  Appreciation should be vocal.  Uh, digital.  Boldly so.  (Though, if you want, I will make a recording of this message and post it, just for you.)

Anyway.  Whether or not you read my book, whether or not you even start it, you have my gratitude.  You guys have lives far, far more important than my words will ever be. And yet–you were willing to let a monster into your inbox. (I’m sorry for the havoc.)


Really.  You guys are the best.


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