some fingerbones for you to feast upon

Again, cleaning fingerbones from the floor of the room in my lap.  Usually I’m good at picking up after myself, but last week, I just let them fall.  Some of them still fleshed and un-gnawed.  I won’t spend much time wondering why, but it has something to do with this book.  I’ve also been working on shirt designs for Moss of Moonlight.  And workworkworking.

Capricon Follow-up: Notes from the International SF/F panel: (A list of international science fiction and fantasy.  Must find myself a wormhole so I can have more reading time.  In the same vein (world sf/f, not wormholes), go ahead and Write Your Heart Out.)

The Endless Alienation of Movies: (The womenless-ness of SyFy Channel Saturday night movies: You could have literally flipped a fucking coin for every single role, and cast accordingly. “Whoops, female lead, male antagonist, female love interest…” Better yet, make it a d10, and if you roll a ten, roll again for assigned birth gender, and then go from there…read more.)

HOW TO KARATE YOUR NOVEL AND EDIT THAT MOTHERFUCKER HARD: A No-Foolin’ Fix-That-Shit Editing Plant To Finish The Goddamn Job (Some obvious and meh bits, plus good advice: Train yourself to listen for the issues at hand while ignoring the proposed “fixes” — when someone tells you, “I think Dave should be a cyborg instead of a robot and maybe he should just have sex with the copier machine instead of proposing marriage,” you need to recognize the problems (issue with Dave’s identity not working, concerns over his relationship with the copier) while dismissing the solutions (cyborg, copier-sex).)

Ang Lee and the Uncertainty of Success (I’ve struggled toward success a long time: since fourth grade, when I wrote my first ‘book’ (a twenty page mystery thriller called Buddy about a girl and her kidnapped dog.  I’ve been fantasizing about publication ever since.  This article is about patience, loving what you do even when you’re unsuccessful–because success may never be yours.)

Next, Amanda (fucking) Palmer.  I know this TED talk has been making the interweb rounds, but there’s undoubtedly a few who’ve not yet seen it.  If you haven’t, watch.  Intimacy, asking for money, the give-take-give relationship between artists and fans.


And, as a drummer in a neo-folk metal getting ready to release an album about Anglo Saxon Paganism, this article is relevant for it’s discussion of creating a community of support where Pagan music can stretch and evolve.  It’s also a review of SJ Tucker’s new album:


Other things:

Getting ready to apply to MFA programs this fall.  The University of Oregon is definitely high on my list.  Here’s an interview with two of their students.  Also, as a writer of weird, honest things, this quote struck me: “Sometimes you have to go far away from the thing itself, from reality, to describe it.”

And also.  Because, well, DOUGLAS ADAMS, whom I love: Who Will Be the Next Douglas Adams?  Hopefully, Nobody.


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