Ekphrastic 22/The Drowning Girl

My haunting is a loamy skeleton
my loamy skeleton is an unfinished boat on the shore….

[read the whole poem at Strange Horizons]

Ekphrasis made by the book I’m sharing my bed with now.  The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan.  It’s a haunting of a book; already it’s dredged up echoes in me.  I dreamt with the light on last night, and felt the resounding truths all day at work (two pieces of sausage in a cup of soup, a ribcage in what I wish were the wind, empty bowls, crab forks).  (Will write them down later.)


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What the hel is ekphrasis + Ekphrastic Poetry Archive (For poems about A Game of Thrones, Fudoki, The Hunger Games, Blood Meridian, etc–basically, just the stuff to fulfill your brain’s literary sugar-cravings.)


5 thoughts on “Ekphrastic 22/The Drowning Girl

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