Lands of bog, lake and troll: Day 8

We arrived in Stockholm early enough to wake up all the Swedish fish by throwing tamari sunflower seeds at them.

Other things we did:

X ate hard boiled eggs with rye bread and a drippy orange

X got ripped off by a restaurant selling semi-decent, semi-Italian food

X took pictures of the city hall and all its sarcophagi and gold-leafed shininess

X turned Stockholm upside in search of a hostel that wasn’t a) fully booked b) stupidly expensive c) actually a  hotel and just pretending to be a hostel so it could have a good laugh at ornery tourists like us or c) every single cursed letter I just mentioned.  What happened to hostels being those places even lost, penniless travelers could afford to stay at?

We did find a hostel eventually, and even though it was beyond our budget, we stayed anyways.  I mean, where else were we to go?  The population density of Stockholm’s a little higher than Kemi, so there’s not many places to kip out in the bushes.

The hostel we stayed at was on an island in the middle of the city, surrounded by a commune of garden-snarled cottages.  Like feral hobbit holes without the hills.  Yes, I want to live in one someday.

Around nine, a  cannon dry fired just outside our window.  I have no idea why.  I was snoozing against Cavan’s chest and too lazy and disoriented to go check it out.  Also, I like a little mystery.  (Though now I wonder if I didn’t just have a really intense dream, because I asked Cavan about it over dinner and he remembered not a thing.  But he was also dead to the world.  Really, really dead.  OH, and while I’m tossing out random Nightwish links, check this out).

So, as I write this, I’m feasting on grapes even though I’m not all that hungry (but they’re so good), attempting to keep my iPod clean of sticky grape juice as I search for trail that we can get to by train that will also take us across the the Norwegian border.  Yeah, I’m not having much luck.  Better luck in the morning, maybe.

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 135

(This guy’s actually from a couple days ago, in Luleå, I believe.)

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 147

(Stockholm’s City Hall, I believe–also where the Nobel Prize banquet is held.)

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 144

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 159

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 158

(Still Stockholm.)

Ipod photos 08-09.2011 156


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