inking inside my eyelids

The digital scatter-brain of a writer/drummer who someday wants to make pictures and poetry for goblins

Priorities and Social Media (Lately, I’ve been blogging a lot.  And I like it.  It’s emotionally challenging–I’m learning to read my own intestines, see.  But I can also tell it’s encroaching on the important stuff, like writing the really real things (as if a blog post isn’t actually made of words–but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. okay?).  And reading.  This particular post (which I stole from this post) is brief, but true: I need to make a schedule.  Tattoo it to the backs of my eyelids if I really need, where I can never forget it.  Right now, I’m trying for four posts a week.  This is probably too much, but I like to overwhelm myself.)

Top Seven Mistakes Made by Aspiring Illustrators (I’m not actually an aspiring illustrator–I’m a writer and a drummer who currently has to feed herself and her grad student husband by juicing carrots and slicing prosciutto all day.  But at some point, I hope my belly’s full of fodder bought by my words and sounds.  So it’s interesting to read about the mistakes other artist-sorts make.  Because I’m all too familiar with my own.)

Along the same lines: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS.  (Because I guess also do want my visual art published and am always looking for ass-kicks.)

Also.  I was going to make gently snide remarks about parts of this interview and the befuddling cover of this book, but I should probably go and write an actual story instead.


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