the man-factory

Mosh-pit disaster-preparedness, phallic stuff, a garden of books.  Also, why I love doing dishes.  And enough links to feast upon:

The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 174): Inteview with Seanan McGuire (So.  I listen to anything that involves Seanan talking.  Because she gives the best interviews.  Really.  And has quirky loves like I do (disease! zombie-preparedness!).  Also, check out the SF Squeecast, of which she’s a part of.  Just saw they posted an new episode, and thought something along the lines of–Hel yes!  Dishes!  because I like to keep my hands busy with mindless tasks while I listen to podcasts.  S0: SF Squeecast means the only time I scrub things with verve.)

Why I don’t Own a Firearm (Disseminating pointless writing advice.  This article explains one–of many reasons–I stopped reading Writer’s Digest.  Also, there’s brainsplatter, which I always enjoy.)

Ephemeral Garden of Decomposing Books (Books and decay, two of my favorite things.)

Mosh pits could aid could aid disaster planning (Need I say more?  No.)

Is this bestselling fantasy author sexist? (So, I was thinking of reading Rothfuss.  But had this…suspicion, probably inserted into my brain due to all the reading I do concerning sf/f and sexism…after investigating this suspicion, I think–instead–I’ll start on a piece that’s been called the best book of 2012 by numerous parties.  Also: if you ever doubted straight white men are basically churned out of a fucking factory–more on sexism and brainless writing.)


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