earsex 1

Because I like musical promiscuity.  Sharing.  I’ve got headphones in my ribcage, nestled around my blood-organ.  This is what it’s listening to as of now (also, if you’ve ever wanted to hear me sing, minute 1:43 of the song below):

First.  Cascadia.  Because we just uploaded all of our first album up to youtube (you can buy it here, if you’d like to support our future endeavors).  And because Cascadia’s always been one of my favorites:


Also, female-fronted power metal with fast-fingered bassist…(and really corny music videos–though I think that’s a must for power metal…)


And Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody.  This album just makes me grin.


And finally, Swallow the Sun.  Something about this just…meshes.


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