Ekphrastic 20/Wonders of the Invisible World

Floss, spider webs, flax , from scalps
these are the wonders
the wanderers, their fish-belly key.
A blonde prism/on, wonder ous.

Good luck finding
the invisible, if you’re too dark to
turn to cold breath to
grub between the silken rawhide.

I also reviewed this book.

Anyway.  Twenty ekphrastic poems.  HEL.  That’s a lot.  Only it’s not, considering that I’ve been writing these things for exactly a year and a month (I posted my first ekphrastic on January 15th, 2012).  Only twenty to show for all that time?  Obviously, I’m not trying hard enough.  I started writing them for deception.  I wanted to trick my skull-meat into thinking about art.  Not just swallowing it (yes, brains have mouths).  But recently, I’ve started reviewing each book I read, and that’s working far better.  Poetry’s too abstract (if you make it so); I can get away with too much shiit and say too little.

So, I’m going to hit 25 ekphrastics and stop.  But not really.  My next poetic project is this: work through Lewis Turco’s The New Book of Forms, which is what it says–a book of poetic form.  Countless kinds of poetry for me to learn.  I’ll go through the whole thing, form by form, week by week.  Embarrassment by embarrassment.  You have permission to jeer at my ass-baring.

….in the meantime, I’m going to go cuddle my last few weeks of ekphrasis.


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What the hel is ekphrasis + Ekphrastic Poetry Archive (For poems about A Game of Thrones, anime, music, The Hunger Games, Blood Meridian, etc–basically, just the stuff to fulfill your brain’s literary sugar-cravings.)


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