dope wars for writers

Starvation, thievery and tyranny of the internet.  Or, slaughtering the children of firefox (don’t worry, for every one I kill seven more rise up).  Consider these zombie-links:

Speechless: Writing Dialogue for Characters Who don’t Speak (Going beyond eye-rolling, glares and grins.  I like this post because it acknowledges that communication between humans goes far beyond fuck you and tweaking your facial muscles.)

Liability vs. leverage How writers lose when “piracy” gets harder  (A pleasant slap in the face from Corry Doctorow, and why piracy isn’t really the biggest problem we artists of the digital age face.  I’d have to say I agree–as a member of a little-known folk metal band, I know.  I’m not saying I’m happy that people are stealing bits of my heart every time they torrent SEED, but let’s be honest.  The people who pay for things pay up; the people who like to stab artists souls steal–and then sometimes find that the stolen goods are actually worth paying for.  I don’t like thievery, but I won’t lie to myself: half the reason anyone knows about Moss of Moonlight is due to illegal downloading.  And you know what? I’m glad for that.  That said, you should go buy my album.)

…and in the (retro) spirit of February 6th being International Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day, have some more posts on piracy: Yo ho, heave ho: International Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day and 25 Thoughts on Book Piracy.

How we’ve come to believe that overeating causes obesity (Weight is not the tool of will power: ‘fat’ people and the myth of overeating.  The article also gives an interesting account of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment. )

How the Internet Reinforces Inequality in the Real World (More specifically, how digital maps are affluently biased, and create a skewed geography of knowledge.)


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