As I prepare myself to rejoin the elves, goats and plant-powered cities of my current manuscript (FABLE), I’ve been drawing.  You’d think that rereading the first half might be more conducive to the whole preparation effort–especially since I took a 2-month long break to work on my band’s EP–but I’m just going to pretend that that’s not the truth and instead, give you a glimpse of Moss, one of two main characters in FABLE (he’s the one who has his apartment invaded by a narcissistic fire-elemental pop-star–the other anti-hero of the tale).

This is obviously just the line art, but I’ll be honest: I’m relieved.  I’ve finally (finally) figured out how to achieve clean digital line art.  That took far too long.  (Also, for whatever reason, the image looks a tad fuzzy on my screen; if you have the same problem, click on the picture–that should take you to a crisper view.)



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