sex with a thunder god

I worry about losing myself to overexposure, harsh light.  As if putting myself into publicly intimate words will erase me into non-existence.  But look at that metaphor–it negates my fear.  Espaliering  and evisceration will give me knowledge.  I’ll be my own intestine-oracle.  Know myself better.  And other people?  Will think they know me better, but let’s be honest–good luck with that…[1]

So I had this dream.  Partly inspired, I think, by N.K. Jemisin‘s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms.  If you haven’t read the book, the main character (Yeine) has sex with the god of night, chaos and change while flying through the universe. [2]  So–that was basically my dream, only I was fucked by Thor.  I don’t actually remember the sex (probably thankfully), just that I had it with the god of thunder.  And then, the dream jumped and I was watching my husband record growls for our upcoming EP in a co-worker’s car, while said co-worker was watching outside the window with her boyfriend.

Hm. (WHAT?)  I just…dunno.


[1] Do I think I’m ego-brained and special?  I think I’m ego-brained and special.

[2] Quote almost completely stolen from Requires Hate‘s review (last sentence of the fourth paragraph).


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