SEED (my band’s folk metal album, just released)

I’m female.  I listen to metal.  I drum.  In a metal band. (A few of them, actually)

When I started my job seven months ago, my musical tastes were constantly called into question*.  See, as a dishwasher, locked up in the hermetic dishpit, you get to listen to whatever the hel you like.  So, I’d be scrubbing away, listening to Arkona, Asmegin, Fejd, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Katatonia, Metsatöll, etc, etc, (see below) and people would pop in, gift me with yet another piece of be-grimed kitchenware, and promptly ask is this YOUR music? To which I would promptly answer, of course.




I am the unexpected, I suppose.

Anyway, my band Moss of Moonlight just released an album.  We play Cascadian folk metal, driven by the mountains, forests and oceans that surround us–our homeland.  The concept behind the music is this: the bioregion we live in  (see this map) should be its own country, unattached to the United States and Canada.  This place would (will) be called Cascadia.

Our first album, SEED, is about the rebellion and war that leads to its formation.

Here’s the single off the release, Existent No More:


Join the resistance.  Buy the album here. (Or download through itunes, amazon, google play, or wherever you prefer to purchase your mp3s)


Official website/facebook/metal-archives/youtube


*Not in the sense that I was disrespected or held in disbelief for what I listened to.  People were just surprised.


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