Ekphrastic 8/雲のむこう、約束の場所 (The Place Promised in our Early Days)

November, kept lists
like I probably should
cause when you’re stuck in between dreams for years
you forget

what you’re supposed to do
where everyone went
where you are
who you are

to eat

to sleep

you just sit on an island among islands in the clouds
waiting for someone to drop down and save you
they do drop
and drop right past you and you have to jump
to save them
you jump

you wake up
lists on your lips
beauty betrays you

the end

you can’t remember the dream


[Ekphrasis is art in reaction to art. Basically. And I don’t think about the art I consume enough. And I haven’t been writing poetry as much as I should. So every Friday, I’ll post an ekphrastic poem about whatever art I’ve been eating lately (books, poetry, anime, paintings, films, so on).]

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4 thoughts on “Ekphrastic 8/雲のむこう、約束の場所 (The Place Promised in our Early Days)

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