feed 1/Nori Rolls with Lox and Lemon-Pepper Barley

If I can avoid paying for my food, I will.  I don’t steal.  I…scrounge.  Working at the local food co-op helps.  The carrots, cucumber and seaweed were all nicked from the employee/food bank free-bins at work.  The barley I swiped off the table after my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I  did buy the lox and the seasonings (but I keep them on hand, so they don’t count).

Nori Rolls with Lox and Lemon-Pepper Barley

(makes 2 rolls)



1.  Slice the lox in (you guessed it) matchstick-thin slices. (What, you want a different word?  Fine.  Toothpick-thin.  Twig-thin.  Cosmic string-thin.)

2. Spread a scant layer of barley on each nori sheet (leave an inch-or-so border at the top–the area furthest from you).  Divide the vegetables and lox between the two (placing the ingredients at the bottom of the sheet).

3. Roll. (If you don’t know how to do this, go here.*)

4. Eat. (Or what was the point?)

*They leave a lot of clearance at the top–I don’t use nearly that much.  Also, I place the ingredients closer to the base.  And use water to lightly moistly the clearance at the top, instead of the rice grains…Another thing: I never use a bamboo mat to roll.  Just my hands.  Which is probably completely unorthodox, but I’m poor and too stubborn to make my own.


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