those bastards

So. That story I submitted last week, The Wastelander? Yeah, rejected. I seriously considered neglecting to mention its failure here, because somehow putting the rejection into words (beyond the ones I received in my inbox this morning) make the whole YOUR STORY BELONGS IN THE ICYTEETH OF HEL so much worse (and so much colder). Also, I can make myself out to be much a better writer than I actually am by never talking about failure. But in the same regard, I become less of a real writer, less of a human writer.

As someone who plays with words, there are a lot of things to lie about. I lie with great passion. Lying is fun! But I won’t lie about failure.

Rejection is a way of life for writers (unless you’re some kind of god/dess). If you aren’t getting rejected, then you aren’t a writer because you obviously aren’t writing anything –and you need written things to be rejected (by a publisher–this does not preclude rejection-by-love-interest).

So, I guess I’ve decided to take rejection as a good sign, or at least a sign of productivity. If I’m getting rejections, then at the very least I know I’m writing and releasing my creatures to do their worst upon the world.

For every rejection send out five pieces more.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.


One thought on “those bastards

  1. There is an old quote told to me by one of my bosses. “If no mistakes are being made, no work is being done.”. And what is it they say of photographs? You have to take a thousand to get a great one? Same idea..Did they give you any constructive criticism? And I know artists who have submitted the same painting to shows and won an award with it only to have it rejected at another show.

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