Ekphrastic 2/Blood Meridian

Ekphrasis is art in reaction to art.  Basically.  And I don’t think about the art I consume enough.  And I haven’t been writing poetry as much as I should.  So every Friday, I’ll post an ekphrastic poem about whatever art I’ve been eating lately (books, poetry, anime, paintings, films, so on).
Ekphrastic 2/Blood Meridian

Eating from the bowl of
an ancient infant skull
sawed in half
filled with mud
milked from the sun when she lived
in the black of a blackhole
existence at all points in time, all the space in between
how to drain your veins of crimson
dwell in a desert that has beneath it a sea of it
where the plants store it
and when you dig a hole it always fills with
blood which you do not drink
blood you let soak into the sand
for by bloodwaste you exist
for you are dust only dust
is eternal.


Ekphrastic Poetry Archive:

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8 thoughts on “Ekphrastic 2/Blood Meridian

  1. wel it is better than a Harlequine romance I suppose. Read “The Sparrow”. I don’t know how to read anime though. Doesn’t it read right to left and back to front?

    • …wait. You do realize that Blood Meridian is a famous piece of literature by Cormac McCarthy (who also wrote The Road, All the Pretty Horses, No Country for Old Men, etc…right? Anyway, traditionally you read manga left to right. : )

      • Oh! Illiterate me! I shall look into that book. “The Road” was pretty powerful, the images still stay with me. I will not see the movie. Looking forward to your posting tomorrow.

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