wolves, bringers of snow

Wolves in the Throne Room never fails to bring snow to Bellingham. I’ve seen them twice here and twice it’s snowed.

I’ve only washed dishes for them once, though.

I work at the local food coop, which must be the band’s food-provider of choice in Bellingham: last year they came to the show laden with bags and bags of edibles from the aforementioned market and this year, I spied them twice at the coop. I was working a dish shift, so, using simple logic, the fact that they ate off of the deli’s dishes, and the fact that I was scrubbing said dishes means there’s no way in hel I couldn’t have cleaned Wolves’ platters and cutlery.

Which is a little weird, I won’t lie. When you listen and love a group, you don’t expect to do menial tasks for them. Even so, how many people can say they’ve washed dishes for a black metal band (that isn’t also a friend)?

(Bassist from the opener, Druden)


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