list for me, November

Lists make me happy. I like checking them off, but mostly I like writing them. Which is good, because I’m much better at writing lists than I am checking them off.

I wrote a list on Saturday. Then I made it into a poem.


Eye-embedded glass would be its own sort of goggle
the sort you might wear in The Wasteland, stripped of virtu
the sort you might wear to protect the things you see with from the mud of the dream tree.

She likes eyes on blunt needles, when she puts them in her indigo mouth and thinks how
Is it that I can see the future and never know what to say?
She eviscerates with her duct tape claymore
and makes art with the materials that fall out.
Non-shattering goggles might be useful if you never want to see truth.

And just to give you an idea of the tangents my mind takes, here’s the list that birthed the poem:

Bike to Village books for gifts for letter of rec writers
Edit wastelander
Read maecori, comment
Submit wastelander
Strength training
Blog entry on ss writing
Continue reading the dream tree
Look up design for claymore boffers
Non-shattering goggles
Blog entry ekphrastic poem
Blog entry turning lists into poems
Xpost entries to lj

For once, I think I did everything on my list.


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