habu sake

Washing my hands yesterday, I glanced above my head and saw a snake-in-a-bottle.  It had a scorpion in its jaws.

Habu sake, it’s called–or snake-wine (translated from Japanese).  I have no idea why there’s a grimy bottle of it in the kitchen where I work.  As horrible (and un-pescatarian) it is of me, I kind of want one for myself.  There’s something about remains, the leftovers of the once-living.  Just last week, my housemates were rearranging the living room and found a long-dead song bird under a chair.  It’s somewhere in the backyard now, but again, a (big) part of me wanted to stick it in a jar with something to eat all of it away but for the bones.

I think this is all somehow related to my current obsession with zombies.  We’ll save that for another post.


2 thoughts on “habu sake

  1. It’s super creepy, but at the same time… awesome. I can totally see why you’d want one.

    The way you’re fascinated by zombies? I’m fascinated by serial killers. I think we have a similar love of blood/gore. 🙂

    • We do. Funny thing is, though, if I see it in film, I’m drawn in, but very squirmy (just ask Cavan). Whenever I’m in the middle of The Walking Dead, I always question WHY THE HEL am I watching it, then, soon as I finish, I want more. In books, I just love it. Strange, dark, hidden and off-kilter things are my aphrodisiac.

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