infants and ringstones

Uh…so here’s what I did while applying for grad school.  In photo-form.  Because I had no time to write anything other than a thirty page writing sample, 14 SOPs and my x-mas list.

I had time to practice?  Once, apparently.

I ate (a piece of) it.

On the way to see Jesse Cook. (His drummer is like a cajon GOD and SLAUGHTERS on the set)

The only casualty besides my sanity.

Cookie torture with my sister.

My favorite scrabonculosonomous platandarainorous…es?


2 thoughts on “infants and ringstones

  1. It was a very short xmas list which you took no time to write. I did not know you have a new foot drum. It is good to see you daring death by chocolate and torturing cookie dough. Send my condolences to the egg and shrimp. I also want to thank you for my trip to the medical dictionary.


    • True. But it WAS one of the few other things I wrote during that time. Among all the extras each app required. And you’re welcome. Anytime I can send someone to the dictionary is a good time. And you can consider your condolences sent. : )

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