insomnia’s evil

Here’s the thing: making an album is like a vacation in hel.  (Daisysunshine puppies not included).  The hardest part is the recording (the self-loathing and sleepless nights), a 10/10 on the stress scale.  But everything else comes in at an extremely close second, a 9.99999 (and so on) out of 10.

Cavan and I are so close.  I can flip to the next page of his goat calendar and see the end in that box marked the first.  Between now and then, there are three things to be done:

1. Bounce and send all the missing tracks to our mixer/masterer.  Tomorrow. (This part would be so much more fun if I wasn’t doing battle with the five+ viruses currently inhabiting Cavan’s computer.  The computer I need to bounce those tracks. ARGH, I say)

2. Meet with mixer/masterer.

3. Finalize lyrics/artwork.  Print album.

Next time will be easier, I tell myself.  I might believe that if I had the time to let the sores heal, time enough to lull myself into forgetfulness and remember what a full night of sleep feels like.  And I’ve had a taste of all that.  But soon we’ll be working on a full length album with Cerridwen, soon a full length for our hobbit-metal project Gundabad.

So…yeah.  No rest and wickedness and all that.


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