Souvenirs d’un autre monde

Enter the in-between.  Ephemera.  Gauze existence.  A fairy land of lucid trees, luminous heartwood shining through.  A giant moon hangs in the sky.

Two nights ago, I saw a band of fae perform, otherwise known as Alcest.  They’re from France and play shoegaze/black metal, though really I’d just call it ethereal black metal.  But that’s a few too many adjectives.  The band’s concept focuses on the dreams of a child–that child being Neige, the band’s front-man.  (as according to the band’s website) “Alcest is [a] testimony of the evanescent visions/memories he had as a child about a fantastic faraway world : a plane of existence bathed in a pearly light, beyond all terrestrial beauties, which could perhaps be described as a sort of “intermediate stage” ; the soul would rest there between two earthly lives and would for some time be freed of the burden of incarnation. ”

When they were on stage, I felt I was floating and sinking both.  Subsumed.  You know that feeling, when you’re deeply in your body and yet so far away from it?  That.

I’m absolutely positive that frontman Neige is  not quite human.  He exists in-between the in-between and our own, earthen plane.  You see it in his face, his wide eyes that see more.  He wore peacock feathers at his neck, spoke softly and brought us all into his reverie.

The band was opening for Enslaved, who we did not stay to see.  I did take some photos of the other openers (Christian Mistress and Junius), though:


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