“You look like a walking billboard for that camera.”

Or so said the man walking by as I flipped through my photos, killing time until my job interview.  I’d known I was smiling as I’d gone through them, I just hadn’t realized how obviously.  But considering the fact that Cavan got me a camera that takes photos like these for my birthday, can you blame me for my  Cheshire grin?


These were the product of midnight + a fancy setting known as panorama.  At first we just wanted to get the same person in two different places in one photo.  And then we decided it would be awesome to tell the story of how we murdered ourselves.  Or something like that.

Also, many photos of the garden (and the weeds).

The night of my day of birth ended with a steampunk masquerade.  I didn’t wear a mask, but I did look like a steamy sort of smurf.  And this time I really was a walking billboard, though not for my camera.  No, I was modeling one of my friend’s corsets.  If you’re interested, her name is Erin and her business is TGIF Corsets (the TGIF stands for Tits Go In Front.  No, you’ll have to ask her to give you the story behind that one).  Check her out on facebook.

At the masquerade, there was much back-of-the-hand-pretend-kissing from the overly polite, yet smarmy gentlemen, combated by the snide and witty retorts of the ladies.  I also met author Alma Alexander, an encounter came about like so:

Erin picks up an anthology from the display of steampunk books spread across a table.  I take note of one of the authors and go, “Oh!  She lives in Bellingham.”  A few moments later, a woman sitting beside the table points to the anthology Erin had in hand.

“I wrote a story in there.”

Oh, really?  I think and then it all makes sense.  Next, it’s my turn to thumb through the anthology and a few moments after that,  I heave up the courage to ask her which story was hers.  And then I mention  I read her blog, but (shamefully) have not ready her books and would she please give me a recommendation?  She did (the one that’s been translated into something like  thirteen languages) and, after giving the short story of hers in the anthology a taste and finding her story-writing pleasant, I went and purchased The Secrets of Jin-shei and brought it back upstairs, where she was kind enough to sign it for me.

For the rest of the evening, I stood conversing with Karina Cooper (a  paranormal romance author who wore loops of pearls and a corset of black and white panels ) and the editor of the Bellingham Herald, as the Tesla coil demonstration buzzed the air and bit us.


A few of the lovely attendees*.  And then Erin and myself:

And for my birthday present to me, I fed myself figs.






Oh, and I got the job.


*if you’d rather I remove your photo, I shall do so straightaway.



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