Poems of bog, lake and troll: 15, 16, 17, 18

Recap: I’m currently traversing Finland, Sweden and Estonia, writing a poem a day. Blog posts will come after my return.

Writing from: Tõrve, Estonia.
Poems written from: Tallinn, Tartu and Saaremaa, all in Estonia.


10:00 – 2 showers 12 hours.
(when backpacking in Europe, take advantage of shower heads)

10:20 – twenty plastic cups and an empty bottle

1:20 – smoked salmon dumplings

3:20 – majestic beer?  No, majestic bear.  (49 euros)

3:50 – Siim encounter i

5:00 – Siim encounter ii
(the smell of an Italian woman after 6 months of asafetida and cow piss.

Late night in Tartu – like the Crebain, hundreds of Estonian crowthings interlock their wings to make night.

CNN in Estonia

The Tea Party on masturbation


Horse with a hide of stars
balks before the bridge
but I cross every bridge, no matter
how I want to go home.

You can’t go home when your planet’s gone.




She ate the petals off the rose you gave her
at the dungeon
Stalin was in a turret, on his back
eyes melting as mercurial replacements just pulled from the fire
pressed into his sockets.

The joker had a sunset face
a white matted mane
a compass that never pointed the same direction


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