Poems from Finland

So, much as I’d like to, I really don’t have the capabilities to post real posts, with photos and videos of my travels through Finland, Sweden and Estonia (and possibly, hopefully, Norway). But, I have challenged myself to write a poem a day during the month I’m here. It shalls be titled Poems of Bog, Lake and Troll.

They’ll most likely be short (though never sweet) and even more probably, nonsensical, bearing no connection to what is happening to me, except for when it does (which I guess will be more often than not, so i’ll shut up). Below, you’ll find days 1, 2 and 3.


Cities that are mountains that are the scattered bones
Of faeries
Of ice that is cloud.

I’ve never seen a current not puckered
by the sun not injected with a clock
the size of a mite, gnawing, gnawing
at you until you realize you still don’t know
where the hel you’re going to sleep tonight.


1.5 hours of shut eye, 12 in the air, 3 counties, 3 hours in the streets of Helsinki–we look like hobos not tourists, 15 minutes of Borat, 30 of AVATAR, 10% of a zombie apocalypse, a few hundred pieces of the world’s crunchiest cereal, 2 apples 1 banana, a taste of buffalo jerky, 2 things I can’t remember, hugs, farewells, 2 security checks, 6 hours of sleep, ? attempted hours of sleep, 1 bar of Luna (not the 14 year old cat) and 2 hostels later I have found a bed.


To make grape beer:
Just uproot the whole damn vine
Stuff it in a reindeer stomach
Let it rot awhile
Puncture stomach
Add carbonated water


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