the end

I had a poetry reading back in early July.  It went well–don’t really know what else to say about it, except that I had people asking me to autograph their copies of SIX (an album of poems and ambiance I put out for donation and no, it wasn’t only my mother who asked for my signature, thanks very much).  Speaking of SIX, here’s track two. (If you’re interested in purchasing the album, contact me)

<><>words by me, ambiance by Bard<><>

Speaking of Bard, at this very moment, he’s editing our album (which still has no title, of course) and laying down bass for The Trail Beyond the Dying Sun.  We send it off tomorrow (after we record vocals for Cascadia–yes, I finally finished the lyrics.  There are many of them.  I blame Bard for writing songs that are a sauropod’s musical equivalent) to be mixed and mastered by Ronn Chick.  Funny story, actually: we were going to have the album mastered by Morbid Mastering, even sent off our single to him.  Waited three weeks and a bit (according to his policy, we were supposed to get it back in three weeks, but what’s a day more, really?  Only, it was ONE song.  Mastering really doesn’t take that long.  Really.) and on the 22nd day, our mastered song arrived.

…perhaps I should say ‘mastered.’  The song went from solidly mixed to…confusion+RHYTHM GUITAR (lots and lots of it).

Ah, well.  A few days later, we found Ronn Chick (he’s mastered for the Cascadian band Agalloch).  Conversation ensued and we agreed to send him the same track we’d sent MM; he would give it a cursory glance, after which we’d decide whether we liked his work or not.  How did it go?  Well.  What he did in an hour was far better than Morbid Mastering’s uh…whatever it was.  Needless to say, we’re still working with Ronn (not only because of the sound he was able to draw from the song, but simply because he’s involved–artistically–and seems to have a genuine interest in our music).

Besides editing, we just finished tracking violin today with Benjamin Scott.  I’ll post a sample of what he recorded for Cascadia at some point tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “the end

  1. Wow. Do you still have Morbid Mastering’s version? I’d love to compare it with the one you decided to go with instead. 🙂 I bet the difference is astounding (and hilarious).

    BTW. I finished editing your story tonight! Super sorry it took so long. :/

    • Yeah, we do, actually. I’ll let you listen to it sometime, if you still want. Also, thank you for editing my story; lots and lots of helpful critique. I can’t wait to have time to plunge my hands in and start the ripping, heh heh…

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