Before I leave for Finland…

There is an absurd amount of…stuff I need to write about.  Here’s a taste:

GRADUATION, my poetry reading, the metamorphosis of my backyard from buttercup-monoculture to something the neighbors no longer have any right to complain about, the mastering of Moss of Moonlight’s album, my book, the terrifying process of applying to MFA programs, slug hunting, B’ham’s very own city troll and–oh yeah, FINLAND.

There will be youtube videos.  And possums.  And a speech written about me.  And…salad.  Really GOOD salad with sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus roasted with toasted sesame oil, sunflower seeds, tamari and turmeric.

Also, my lovely friend Cortney over at the style blog Literature and Lace has written a deceivingly kind post about me and the things I adorn myself with.  You’d think she’s trying to get something out of me…dunno what, though.  But yes.  Go look at me and my clothing. (Photos are from the day Neil Gaiman came to Seattle)


2 thoughts on “Before I leave for Finland…

  1. Maybe I’ll steal some of your wardrobe when you’re in Finland. 😛 Just kidding, I only wish I could fit into your wardrobe. 🙂 I’m sure you’ve got some amazing hidden items there…

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