Neil Gaiman HIMSELF

On Sunday, June 26th, Kendall, Cortney and I went to Seattle to stalk Neil Gaiman.

I lie: we tromped around Pike’s, found Town Hall, picnicked for two hours (discussing pigeons and tv shows featuring angels and demons who are also friends) and then stood in line, eating goat cheese, amazing bread and pears, making random sculptures.  And then we saw Neil.

Proof (of the sculpture, not Neil–that comes later…):

Through our guile, whimsy and charm (aka, pure luck), we got in for free.  After a ukulele-serenaded plea for Stephen Fry’s sperm, Neil took the stage.  Local author Maria Dahvana Headley interviewed him,  getting the writer to admit that he does not want to see George RR Martin’s author sex tape, among other things.  He also told of–

*how he explained to Tim Minchin that people don’t, in fact, speak in perfect rhyme and sing all that we say.

*pony sushi

*the best worst books he likes to read to cure writer’s block


*the  Slavic goddess of midnight he inadvertently actualized (I mean, wikipedia says it’s true, so it must be.  Right?).

Also, Cortney recorded a few snippets of the interview, which I’ve collected into this lovely youtube video…


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