Has my brain left me?

I thought it was the 4th.  Really.  Hm.  Kind of nice to be given back a day of my life.  What to do with it?  Mix, of course….

A few days ago, I took a screenshot of the unedited drums for Call of the Mountain:

I said I’d post a shot of the edited drums later that night, but…I forgot?  I’m lazy?  I went to sleep?  I decided to read Game of Thrones and forsake all of my other duties?  Yeah, the last is probably the most likely.  But here it is now, all nice and edited:

As you can see, the snare bottom and top tracks (I mic’ed both the batter–top–and resonant–bottom–heads in the studio) and the kick have been chopped to bits.  This makes rhythmic edits much easier (and, as I’ve mentioned before–I’m, quite unfortunately, not a machine, so  occasionally, I have to shift hits by a few milliseconds to make them sound proper, as opposed to slop).

The  kick was also sounding a bit…pitiful, so I added a compressor (a signal processor used to sort of…even out a sound’s dynamic range, so you can hear the loud stuff generally as easily as the softer dynamics) with a quick attack and EQed it by dropping the 650 Hz. range a few decibels and shoving up the 500 Hz range.  Now it sounds pleasantly gut-punching.

Yeah, yeah, I know, borrrring technical stuff, but I have to keep track of my inexplicable brain-workings somehow.

Now on to the next song, which is….(flips through notebook for track listing…yeah, I know–we use hi-tech wide-ruled paper, here at Winterhut Studio, real fancy equipment…), ah,Cascadia, of course.



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