Cut the tofu! Turn the plate! Cut the tofu! Turn the plate!

I can’t believe it’s take me weeks to share this: VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF

Yes.  You must watch.

Your knife doesn’t even have to be that awesome!


Also, I’ve just sent off the last three chapters to my word-slaves…er, my writing group.  Done! (for now) Another also–after speaking to my professors, they won’t even have a chance to tackle my manuscript (which, oh yeah, I turned in weeks and weeks ago) until summer, which means I can give them a more edited draft, which is really quite awesome.  Hopefully they will thusly be less confused.

My schedule, then:

now-6, June: edit drums, make a rough mix to turn into recording professor
6-15, June: edit book, turn into professors
15-??, June: mix like hel



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