Bolg the Might Dissected

A few months back, I was interviewed for the Bellingham-based magazine Klipsun; I gave some information on audio engineering and discussed the process I went through to record and mix Bolg the Mighty (raise yer mug the goblin king!–yeah, that song…heh), a song from Gundabad (goblin metal project inspired by The Hobbit that Bard and I are currently working on).

The article can be found here.  Scroll down to find the blurb I gave about mixing techniques (the vividly green box) and the section that discusses Bolg the Mighty (under the heading ‘Layering a Song’).

And now I must ride Asfaloth (my bike) up to campus and to the arboretum beyond and then come back and continue mixing.  Ugh.  After twelve hours in the studio yesterday, I don’t really feel very motivated, but at least we had a great session with guest vocalist, Erin Wood ([info]of_the_wood )–I’ll post photos as soon as they’re uploaded.

. . .


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