the black drop at the bottom of your cup

As of eleven this evening, I’m halfway through editing the drums for Path I.  Ten tracks on the album–I’ve just started in on track six, Follow the OwlZen, Existent No More and Together, United were all helish to edit because of all the double kick.  Editing double kick is NOT FUN.  It involves deleting lots of blank space in between hits, shifting said hits to infuriating precision (at times, literally by milliseconds) so my feet can sound like a machine (yay?) and adding cross-fades (so my kick hits don’t sound like static).  I’ll show you just how horrible it is with screen shots tomorrow, perhaps even go over the process a bit…

And just for fun, the track listing for Path I

1.  [nameless intro–Bard’s currently searching through his Old English dictionaries for a worthy title]
2.  Together United
3.  Existent No More
4.  Zen
5.  Follow the Owl
6.  Call of the Mountain
7.  Cascadia
8.  The Grand Parcel
9.  Internal Epilogue
10. The Trail Beyond the Dying Sun


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