zombies and a dandelion

I read many, many authors blogs.  I call it research–mostly so I can feel all professional when I procrastinate (by reading those blogs).   Funny thing is, though, that usually the author’s blog is the only thing of theirs I’ll have read.  Until, of course, they just speak so willfully and irresistibly about their unavoidably AWESOME book that I end up shoving my plans off the table, letting them smash satisfyingly on the ground.  The unavoidably AWESOME book then gets placed on the newly-cleared tabletop.  And is awesome, because I choose my reads carefully.

Today’s problem is that I’m supposed to be editing the drums on track four of Path I right now and also need to call my mom, to arrange details about the horde of relatives soon to descend upon B’ham for my graduation.  So.  The CDC’s zombie-apocalypse preparedness campaign combined with [info]seanan_mcguire‘s new book (about said sort of apocalypse) are really not helping me avoid procrastination.  I haven’t read anything of Mcguire’s other than her blog, but I really, really want to read DEADLINE.

So my main problem of today isn’t that I’m doing things that I really shouldn’t.  Oh no–it’s that Bard’s Kindle ISN’T WORKING WITH MY AMAZON ACCOUNT.  This is a problem, because I really need to read Seanan Mcguire’s FEED (the book before DEADLINE).

The End.  Have two pictures: a trillium from a hike two weeks ago and a dandelion from the dandelion farm Bard’s cultivating in the backyard.


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