atmosphere in an electric moon

The last three chapters are–are…I don’t even know how to put it, other than–mess feral chaos, uck HEL.  But also, done.  So much work still to go, decisions to make on who’s going to die.  All my ends are not tied.  They’re all just a snarled, helish mess and I feel as if the last three chapters (more so the twenty third chapter, the last chapter) are just skeletons.  So emotionless.  Anyway, I have a week and a half to edit this bloody creature before I have to give it up (and I know I’ve probably already said that, but my brain?  Yeah, it’s GONE, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed–just look at the unruly state of this paragraph).

Anyway, here’s a photo from the studio a few nights ago.  I was recording the tabla (and gong, tambourine and sleigh bells) for a couple of songs.  At least things are going smoothly in the music-lands.

But I always feel hesitant recording an instrument I’m not intimate with, like the tabla; I’m uncomfortable putting my lack of knowledge to permanency.  And yet, the song still called for that sound-essence, so I suppose I’ll have to survive my discomfort and, in the meantime (when free time occurs during the meantime), learn to play the cursed things properly.

Oh yeah– and that mic on the left?  Over the dayan? It’s called a blue mouse.  My favorite thing about the microphone company Blue?  Their proclivity for witty names.  Because wouldn’t you say that yeti, cactus and kiwi are so very much more creative than say Shure’s SM58.  Or the AKG D112?  Anyway, mic-rant…owari.


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