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Only three chapters left.  Then editing.  But as yesterday’s rewrite did not go so well, I probably have four to go.  But I’m lumping any other chp 21 re-re-writes into my week and a half of editing (which will be this coming week).  After finishing chapter 21 again I went and complained to Bard.  He was very kind and didn’t tell me I was a horrible writer whose pen was full of fetid pig’s blood for ink (as my mind was telling me).  No.  He just said nice things, consoled me (which, granted, didn’t take too much effort–I wasn’t really that upset) and concluded that I just need time away from the damn thing.  Which is so very true.

Unfortunately, I’m kind of manic-obsessive and still can’t stop thinking about it.  (Which is fine because thinking about it worked to my advantage.)  I’ve been playing around with various ways to get the chapter re-re-re-written and spent much of the Science and Music of Natural Sound scribbling down everything that needs to happen, how the hel it’s all going to come together and actually get written.  At the top of page, I wrote


See, quite fortuitously, we discussed droning music in class–specifically, the band SUNN O))) (I’ll be honest: that’s definitely a band I never expected to listen to in class, though as a student of Fairhaven College, I reallys shouldn’t be surprised).  Listening to SUNN O))) is a little like being buried alive, listening to the squirm of worms and the shift of plate tectonics; the band plays an assimilation of black and doom metal, primal metal, skirling guitars, vocals so earthen they’re unearthly.  Many of the creepier/emotive/surreal parts of my book were written to SUNN O))) (as well as Katatonia’s Viva Emtiness) and seeing as chapter 21 one is set in an alien spaceship tree, it should be the strangest moment of the book.

I met with my poetry professor Mary Cornish yesterday morning, to discuss MFA programs.  Which was, you know, a completely underwhelming conversation.  Bard and I are seeking schools with solid programs for Linguistics and MFAs.  Which makes things a little complicated–but also simpler, as it shortens the list considerably.

A few days back, I was enamored with the Buddhist university Naropa.  But I kind of want to immerse myself in something giant and Naropa is expensive and so not very feasible, anyway.  Yes, I am whining.  But it would be lovely to get paid to go to grad school.  So currently, I’m considering UBC, UVic, UW and CU Boulder.  I know in-state schools (so, that would be the UW for me) are difficult to get into, but Mary seemed confident that I’d have no trouble.  And anyway, tonight I’ll read through Poets and Writers‘ top fifty MFA schools article and probably change the line up completely.


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