slog slog slog

So, three weeks ago, I realized I’d told my professors I’d hand over my novel in the second week of May–which meant that I needed to finish it by the1st, to give me time to edit it.  Which meant I had fifteen chapters to write.

I now have 1.5 weeks left till the book’s due and five chapters still to write.  I’ve written 35,000 words in 3.5 weeks.  Today, I wrote chapter 20 while listening to a gigantic youtube playlist for The Matrix soundtrack (I’m pretty impressed by the stuff Don Davis wrote, especially percussively).  I’m quite shocked I’ve managed to keep on task (4 chapters a week, which also [quite happily] means I’ve only 3 to write next week– the final week).  And after I hand over the book, I get to mix an album.  Yay! (That’s actually not sarcasm…)

At some point, I’ll get to start fantasizing about my trip to Finland+Norway, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Denmark and Russia (obviously not quite in that order).

Also, I kind of really want to see this film…


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