make like a bee

Today, I did many things:

  • -Picked up purple cabbage, an apple and a lovely, giant bouquet of kale.
  • -Biked back to campus (in the freezing sleet) as soon as I realized I needed to sign up for studio time.
  • -Spent the rest of the time till Bard’s return revising the book’s plot and creating my website.
  • Cowboy Bebop: Watched Spike sip a dainty cup of tea and try to prove he doesn’t have a good heart.  Meanwhile, Faye Valentine fulfilled her daily quota of gambling and taking pot-shots at lecherous bar-leaches.
  • -Did my sister’s “I am going to die” ab workout (her name for it, not mine : )*
  • -practiced the Karelian and Indian drum grooves I wrote a few weeks back.

Still to do:

  • -Go see what sort of weather Bard has to return home in (probably Caradhras-scale snow and gales)
  • -Eat kale and awesome cilantro/cumin/coconut paste (truly.  It’s like the paste of the gods).
  • Cowboy Bebop: Find out whether Spike has a good heart + whether Faye gets to waste her share of the bounty on gambling (as per usual).
  • -Meditate.
  • -Practice tabla
  • -Write a thousand or two words in chapter 7.
  • -Yoga
  • -Sleep

…oh, yeah.  Homework belongs in there somewhere.

*For the workout, 100 sit ups
100 crunches
100 cross arm crunches
3 minute sit-up holds
2 minute ISO-ab (front/back)
50 cross arm crunches
80 push throughs
2 minute sit-up holds
30 2 part sit-ups
50 froggies (okay, I think this name is my fault)
20 ankle touches
40 scissors
30 ankle touches
40 scissors
1 minute ISO-ab (front)
50 bicylce abs
30 fishies
30 bicycle abs
30 fishies
20 push-ups (off knees)
25 scissors
40 heel touches
2 minute ISO-abs (left/right)
50 sit-ups

…excellent! Obviously, I do this for my own personal enjoyment (what? I speak the truth!), but it’s helpful for drumming, too…


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